Tuesday, March 23, 2010

backyard visitor

The water company sent a visitor to our yard.  This big bad maching dug a giant hole.  I thought my grandson Nate would like to see what grandma had in her backyard.  It stayed the night and I wanted to get in the driver seat and take a picture, but with my luck something would of gone wrong.

keeping busy

I have recently signed up to do Indexing for Family Search. One of my felllow "humanitarian" volunteers is doing this for his Eagle Project. It has been a little bit challenging because reading the handwritting of the preparers of the census reports back in 1910 can be frustrating. I just got started and only have submitted 100 names. The project goes through the end of April. We have been encouraged to continue on after that date, I think I will. It gives me something to do when I can't sleep at night, or get bored with my regular activities. My piano lessons are coming along. I can now play 5 hymns. Yahoo! My teacher tells me it will become much more challenging starting with my next lesson. Bring it on!