Monday, May 31, 2010

how to make a bathtub on the beach

Step by step instructions for a personal beach bathtub. 
(Hot surfer dude not included)

First, you get measured for a perfect fit.

Second, you get a hot surfer dude to dig a hole.  Luckily Lili's dad fills the requirements.

Third, make yourself comfortable.

Fourth, wait for the surf to come in and fill your tub. Voille! a perfect personal beach bathtub.

Personal until your little brothers see how much fun you are having... oh well, good thing
Dad has remodeling experience.

Beach activities on Castles Beach

there's nothing like a nice mud bath.  Lili age 4 1/2 years

You are never too young to contemplate life's directions.  Mason 10 months

Nate, You are now cleared for take-off!   3 years

Mother and daughter  Kim and Verda

We're hot, tired and hungry can we go home now?

Home from Hawaii

Family fun at sharks cove.  This is a great place to snorkel.  So much fun!

Grandma Verdi Avatar style

Spending time on the beach with my grand babies.  I already miss the ocean....but not the sand!

more pictures of our fun together later...