Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bra sizes

ever wonder what the letters represent in your bra size?

A almost boobs
B barely boobs
C can't complain
E enormous
F Fake!
G get a reduction
H Help I can't get up!

Magnolia Girls Unite

Winter*Summer*Spring *Fall We can do it all!

Are you the type of person that loves to sit around with friends
and laugh til you wet yourself?
Is Semi-homemade more your style?
OR is homemade your passion?
Would you like to learn What NOT to wear?
Are you married to the greatest guy in the world?
OR are you currently single looking for Mr. Right and could use some pointers?
Boobs—too big, too small, don’t care?
Sassafras—in good condition?
Do you sing off key and dance like a monkey?

Well, this club is for you. Whether the above questions apply to you or not, we want you for our sister.
Come and join our hot new club. We talk, laugh, sing and listen. Magnolia Girls come in all shapes and sizes.

President: Lynda Call (just because she likes the attention)

Glamour Technician: Hayley Call (because she is totally talented and makes you look great!)

Project Chairman: Verda Hebner (because she enjoys searching for new things to do)

Interested in joining our club? You can contact us by sharing a comment on this blog. Just say, Make me a Magnolia and you are in! No previous experience is required.

Just visiting with new friends

September 12, 2008

I just returned from a trip to Salt Lake City, actually the name of the town is Murray, Utah. How did this trip become possible? Well, I was visiting Papa Canell one Sunday and in Relief Society one of the sister’s asked if there was anyone who would be willing to be her travel companion. She wanted to attend a reunion held in Brigham City. At the time Krystal was living in Ogden and I thought it would be a grand adventure to visit her so I volunteered. In the mean time, Krystal returned to the Valley of the Sun and I was on the hook to make this trip.
I called Kerri’s in-laws, Bryan and Lynda Call to ask if I might be able to spend a week with them and they were willing to take me into their home.

Lynda had an unfortunate accident on a hike the week previous to my arrival and she really couldn’t too much with a broken foot. We spent most of the week napping, eating, and laughing. Haley was stuck babysitting us two old ladies, (which are her words, not mine) but she managed to make the most of it. We did watch a movie together, Steel Magnolias, and it became our point of reference for the entire week. I decided to form a new girl’s club and call it The Magnolia Girls Unite. Our motto: … Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall… We can do it all!

Lynda and I had our hair cut and styled and we now have a whole new look thanks to our resident hair stylist Hayley. She had to work long and hard but she was able to transform us.

Bryan spoiled us by preparing yummy meals and snacks throughout the week. One evening he made homemade grape juice and whipped up delicious grape smoothies. YUMMERS! He was very good to us. His garden supplied us with fresh, ripe tomatoes and green peppers so we could make salsa.

The Calls have the most darling grandchildren. Abby, Anna, Megan, Mayley and Hunter. (Forgive my spelling if it is off) On Sunday morning I heard the front door open with a bang. I than heard the most adorable voice yell out,
“ Grandpa, I’m here!” Grandpa replied, “Who are you?” (A) “I’m Anna.” (G) “Do I know an Anna?” (A) “Yes you do and you love me too!” After that greeting all that could be heard from my room in the basement were giggles and laughter and little feet running here and there. I really missed my own grand children at that moment.

Besides eating and laughing we did find energy to do a sewing project and Lynda shared family photos and memories of her life. I especially enjoyed hearing Bryan and Lynda’s “Love Story”. The highlight of the week was Hayley turning in her mission papers. Our conversations seem to always go back to her mission. I can’t wait to hear where she will be called to serve.

The week ended, Sharon picked me up and took me home. I had a glorious week thanks to the Call Family. Will I ever take a trip like that again?
... hmmm, that would be a “No, Bob”. I missed my hubbie way too much. However I now have some happy memories and wonderful new friends. It’s nice to be back.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Give me a few days...

Hello ! Soon I will have some new info for you to view. Don't forget me...check back in a few days. Just to wet your whistle....

1. I just returned from Utah where I had a FAB time with the Call family.
2. I have made a new 'old lady' friend who makes me laugh and sing (the singing part is literal)
3. I came home to a special surprise.
4. I have a new look.
5. I am the member of a new and fascinating girl's club...The Magnolia Girls

So stay tuned there's lots to come....