Thursday, March 29, 2012

relaxing in Hawaii

This is what you can do to pass the time while you are visiting family on the Island of Oahu

Oh what do you do in Alaska when all the world is white?

Oh what do you do in the winter time when all the word is white:       Do you...     Ice Skate  *   Cross Country Ski.* Soak in the Hot Springs. *Chase the sunset. *Spin in a frozen bowl.* slide on a frozen slide.*.Take pictures with Ice sculptures.*  watch the northern lights dance in the black sky.* watch the reindeer run  *  cheer at the dog sled race*... is that what you do?  So do I  

Snow and Ice/Tropical Rain

I just returned from a visit with my girls.  It was wonderful to see them face to face and give them a hug.  My girls are young mothers and they don't have too much time to themselves, how I remember those days in my own life.  They handle it well.  They are so happy to be "stay at home" mothers even though there are many days when life is monotonous and can be boring.  They simply love being a mommie. Their husbands are supportive and do what they can to give them some free time.  Both girls live for the outdoors and go nuts whenever the weather will not permit them to go outside.

It was fun to go from cold, dry weather to warm, humid weather all in one trip.  I would not suggest this to anyone else.  I had to be very creative packing clothes for this trip.  I do not like to check a bag so you can image how small my luggage had to be for  carry on.  But i did it.  I left my coat with Kerri because it didn't make sense to drag it along to Kim's.  i also packed my clothes for Hawaii in a flat rate box and prepared it to be mailed to Kim while I was with Kerri. Oddly enough the space I used for my coat was the same amount of space i would need for my light weight clothes that were mailed,so I was able to fit them back in my luggage for the journey home.   Next time I will just check a bag, it will be a lot easier.  Or Maybe I will just visit one daughter at a time and space it out a bit.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home again...

To Alaska, Hawaii to see my grand kids,
Home again, Home again, jiggety jig

Had a wonderful, fantabulous trip.  Pictures and stories will be posted soon