Monday, September 27, 2010

I hope ya know I had a hard time...

It seems as though we are all having a "Hard Time."  My step mother is experiencing health problems, my brother-in-law is also,and my daughter in Hawaii has had a bad experience with misunderstandings that have put her family into a major down spin.  Until Saturday my other daughter was miserable waiting for her baby to come. He is now here and she is much happier.  I know things get hard to handle sometimes.  I am the first to start complaining, but isn't it great to live in a country where we have so much available to us.  I'm grateful that I am a Mormon.  I find a great deal of comfort in the knowledge that God lives and has provided a living Prophet to warn and guide us.  Thanks Heavenly Father for all you do for each of us.  We are truly grateful even if we are a bit grumpy during this time of testing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's okay to sit on the kitchen floor and CRY

I have a friend named Bobbie Mortensen. She is great listener. But she also gives good advice. Simple, and useful. One day she was telling me about the troubles one of her children were experiencing. I was a bit down at the time also so I was kind of in a funk. She recognized that I was not paying much attention and she asked. What's goin on with you? I just shrugged my shoulders...I think this was the time we were having to move out of the cute little house we were living in because the owner was no longer making the payments on the mortgage. I really enjoyed living in that spot. But we had no choice. Then there were other things, one right after the other. I was disguntled [but it turned out to be the best thing that happened to us]. Bobbie finally got me to fess up to what I was so sad about and these were her words of wisdom..."Verda, it's okay if you want to sit in the middle of the floor in your kitchen and have a good cry, if you need permissin, I will gladly give it to you but eventuallly you will have to get up and do the cooking!"

That statement made so much sense to me. I don't know why. I guess I was looking for permission to feel sorry for myself. So I did just that. I had a good cry, went through the motions of a "pity party' and when I felt satisfied that I had wept long enough I pulled myself together and went back to the work of everyday life. Taking Bobbie's suggestion I started cooking again. This was the best advice I have received in a very long time. So for any of you out there who are experiencing pain, frustration, Why Me?, I don't deserve this!, whatever else, you have permission to sit on the kitchen floor and have a good cry. Throw a tantrum, if need be...just remember, once that is out of the way, get back on your feet and get the cooking done. Take  it from someone who is now using this therapy at least twice a year....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Singing in the choir

A few weeks ago we sang the song "Jesus love is like a river" it has the sound and feel of an old "spiritual" as they use to call them. I have been humming this tune ever since. It is very comforting and gentle. I hope you will take the time to listen. the lyrics are by Oran Hatch, the music by Janice Kapp Perry

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i am calling you...

Elk season is here and Gary can't wait to get out in the wild and call to an Elk.   Uncle Jack got his elk last week.  Funny story,  he was sitting in a tree stand watching a water hole when up walks a nice 6x6,  He aims his bow and shoots, ooops, the arrow went to the left.  The bull is still standing there..shoots again, off to the left again.  this happened 5 times.  Gary said when Jack came back to camp he was not happy, apparently had a bit of a tantrum throwing arrows around.  The next day he remedied the stituation.  He was shooting with his left eye hence the reason for the arrows going left.  They put tape on his glasses and he was able to shoot straight and true.  That evening he finally got a kill.
Gary is excited to get out in the woods and do some hunting once again.  He will be hunting in the Willaims area this year,.  GOOD LUCK!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I have started a blog for my seminary class.  If anyone is interested in what I do every morning at
 6 a.m.  you can read about it on this site.
This way I can keep what Gary,  Garrett and I are doing separate from my daily going-ons with the kids at seminary.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My most recent HAPPY THOGUHT

Yesterday Gary surprised me with a Mini Cooper.  He brought one home from the car  lot.  I took it for a quick trip around the block.  Wish I could have driven it for a road trip. 
  It was fun to drive my dream car.