Friday, February 22, 2008

"A Happy Homemaker Is as a Happy Homemaker Does"

What is wonderful about cleaning out boxes in the garage is that you come across some gems in the process. I have found so many items that I put away with the intent to "do something" with them in the future. Well, the future has come and now I can't remember just what it is I was going to "do" with these things.
I must confess 80% of the things I thought I just had to have are no more, they have found their way to another world, but I have kept a few things and one of them I want to share with you today.


1. A place for everything and everything in its place,
will keep you ahead of life's hectic pace.

2. Do dishes, beds and floors the first thing each day
then you'll have more time for projects and play.

3. Clear as you go. Stop and think each job through.
Find the best way to make less work for you.

4. Dovetail your work. Combine 2 jobs in one.
Quicken your step and you'll soon be done.

5. Pick things up each night and put them away,
gives you a headstart the following day.

6. Leave your home in order when you go to bed each night, and you will awaken to a calm and peaceful sight.

Like I said, I have no idea what I was planning to do with this bit of wisdom, but I'm sharing it nonetheless.

Happy Homemaking!

Keepin Fit

Santa brought me a friend for Christmas. A happy, go lucky mountain bike. Isn't she a beauty! I just love her. We go out for a ride about three times a week if the weather permits. As you can see, I need to bundle up a bit to enjoy our ride together. I have not as yet given her a name. Nothing I conjure up in my mind strikes me as good enough for such a fine companion. If anyone out there can think of a name fitting for this faithful work out buddy, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have to offer. Gary will be getting one to match so we can hit the trails on his days off. Right now the trails are a bit too muddy with all the wet weather we have been experiencing, but we can still cruz the neighborhood together. Oh and by the way, my thighs and bottom are starting to reflect my efforts. I'm not saying I look like a model or anything, I'm just firmer where I once sagged...which I feel is noteworthy.

Getting Back to Normal

The weather has been white, wet and cold. One evening I picked Gary up from work, we hit the local In-N-Out Burger for some yummie cheese burgers and fries, listening to the radio enjoying one of our fav. country songs, on c0mes an irratating noise which interrupts our listening pleasure with a thunder storm warning---nickel size hail was on it's way. We made a mad dash for home and luckily the hail got there before we did. I didn't want Hebbie to get all dented with hail. All was well! We made ourselves comfy, ate our yummie burgers and watched the female contestants on American Idol. Remembering that it was trash day on the morrow, I made a quick trip outdoors to put the trash can on the curb. To my surprise what was just wet and cold earlier had in just two hours turned into winter white fluff. I couldn't even see Hebbie, she was completely covered. I ran in to get Gary and suggested we make use of all the snow. Since we no longer have grandchildren living near by, I had the idea that we try to make our own. Pictured is our attempt. I must say that Kim and Kerri do a much better job, and that I should probably live it to them in the future.
But Snowbuddy Hebner is the best we could do with what we had to work with. As you can see, I am in my p.j's. we were creating this little one at 10:00 p.m. just prior to bedtime. Snowbuddy actually survived for two whole days before the rain came and washed it away. More snow is on its way and we hope to re-create our little friend once again. As for now, Woody is sporting the high fashion outfit. For those of you who are not familiar with Woody, he is the handsome little bear who greets you at the Hebner Habitat entry.