Saturday, December 27, 2008

There's no place like home for the Holidays

As you can see we had a wonderful Christmas. Fast but fun. The evening started with an introduction to the newest member of the family Zander Ashcraft, son of Austin Ashcraft. Granny is in love with this little one. We drove home late Christmas Eve in the rain and fog, got a good night's rest and finally around 9 a.m. Krystal and Garrett opened presents. We made our way down the hill to Papa's for a nice ham dinner. Aunt Sandi and Gary made use of the new pool table. Soon it was time to take Garrett and Krystal back to Phoenix. We visited with Granny a bit and back up to Prescott in the rain and fog. We had a wonderful time with all of our family, but it just wasn't the same without Kerri and Kim and thier families. Hopefully next year we can be together again.....ya never know, it could happen!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life is like a box of chocolates...

Christmas time makes me hungry for chocolates. Not just any chocolates. The kind that comes in a 5 pound assortment, with nuts, cherries, cream and carmels. When I was a litte girl my father always purchased one of those big ol' boxes of chocolates. I loved it. Of course it never takes long before most of them have been poked and proded so as to determine the filling. But I looked forward to this treat every year. When I began working at the school one of the teachers, Dear Sweet Mrs. Sigg, would bring in a large box of chocolates every year for the holidays. Those babies kept me going till it was time for our Christmas Break. Earlier this week I was thinking on this subject and thought I better make a trip to Sees Candy to pick up a box of "nuts & chews" to make my holiday complete. That same morning my neighber brought over a cute little box which was just enough to get me through for the next few days till I can get to the mall. I don't know how anyone can go without chocolate during the holidays. Now my question is, who gave Mary chocolate when Jesus was born? You know she needed it! I'm thinking the wife of one of the wise men must have been sensitive to this need. So I decided it was the wise man that brought the myrrh...that's what chocolate does to you, it makes you myrrrrrrrh. ha, ha, ha!

How can they know me so well?

The women I live next to are delightful. They have become such good friends. Lily is recently widowed and she is my shopping pal. I know, I don't like to shop, but she makes it so much fun. She lives to the right of me, to the left is Barbara. I call her Nurse Mama. She is a retired RN and is a yarn crafter which mean she creates whatever she can out of yarn. Barbara brought over this adorable box of chocolates . It is the perfect gift for me because #1 hey, it's chocolate and #2 Snowmen. The other day I received a gift from another neighbor, Tracey, she gave me a ceramic ginerbread house and a CD of an old radio show christmas story. And Lily gave me a beautful angel that had wings and gown like a fairy. All these things are so ME. These women have only known me a short while, since June and they all gave me gifts that only family and old, old friends would know I enjoy. People are so perceptive or maybe totaly receptive to the spirit.

Sparkling Jewels compliments of Mother Nature

Our first winter storm rolled in eariler this week. When I looked out the window early one morning this is what I saw. The trees were drapped in beautiful translucent beads of ice. I thought it looked so pretty. The mountains all around are covered with snow. Being that we live in the "valley" the snow hasn't accumulated much, but it still snows. But baby it's COLD outside.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Downtown Glowing

left to right: Justin Cameron, Rae, Scott, Baby Emma, Lisa, Laura and Gary

When Kim moved to Prescott she invited us to attend the Courthouse Lighting. We have been attending ever since. This year we are without our lovely daughter and her family...we miss them sooooo much, but we attended anyways. Here we are pictured with Nate's family and the newest addition Baby Emma. Isn't she a doll. We brought along hot chocolate and whip cream and later gathered at Yuri's for the tradional Chili dinner. I did my best to keep my camera still duirng the shoot, but I think you get the idea. The city added some new lights this year along with a Santa Workshop in the gazebo. If you look closely you can see my attempt at making a winter hat. No giggling...I like it! It kept my ears nice and warm. Oh and Justin is a new additon also. Laura was married in October. We love being a part of this wonderful family. Thank you Nate for marrying Kim and giving us someone to claim us while you are in Hawaii.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

All I want for Christmas is YOU!

It's beginning to look alot like christmas. I decorated just a bit for the holidays. I was going to put up just the little pine trees, but Gary began to pout. So I dug out the "Charlie Brown" tree and he was happy. The only ornaments I have left are the hand-made one given to us by various family members and friends. It's a bit pitaful but fun! Yes, the lighted garland is up also. Gary says it's not Christmas without the garland. Here are a few pictures of us goofing around in front of the trees. Our house is the only one on the block with lights outside. We are a becon in the night.