Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fat Heads or poster child?

Whenever the grandchildren visit I ask them to draw of poster of themselves to put on my wall.  I love being able to see them everyday.  Rylee is a new addition.  Who needs to order a Fat Head poster when I have such wonderful artists in the family!  These works of art can been seen in the entry way of our home.  They are first to greet any visitor.

Holiday activities with The Balls

decorating a rice krispys treat train

rylee added her picture to her cousins on the wall
rylee creates a life-size poster for grandma mia

modeling winter hats 

how do I  LOOK!

this one fits better
rylee dresses mom for the cold

put gg and baby to bed


Our Christmas Elf--Rylee

Our little elf inspecting gifts at Grannies Christmas Eve Party
 clothing optional

 snowman, santa and reindeer puppets

 ahh, this horsie rocks

Rylee liked the looks of this horse but wasn't too sure about the rocking.  She srood next to it and rocked by the handles.  Hopefully she will want to ride on it later.