Sunday, June 28, 2009

"The heart that loves is always young." -Peter Ustinov

This young lady is 49 today. These are my favorite things about Sandi:

1. She loves you even when you stink

2. She will always fix your favorite food even when she is too tired.

3. She always has munchies available when you visit her.

4. She keeps our family connected.

5. She takes care of and loves her neices and nephews.

6. She has a heart full of love and kindness

Happy Birthday Aunt Sandi....with 49 candles to blow out, you will have a lot wishes to make...may they all come true.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blanca, the little white truck

Hello everyone, my name is Blanca. I am Verda's new ride. I use to work for Bob Canell, but he bought himself a new truck and retired me. So now I reside with the Hebners. Verda has made me a new seat cover with bright colors and gave me a well deserved bath. We plan on taking trips and enjoying the pleasant surroundings that are offered here in the Prescott Area. Verda tells me that I may need to work from time to time but for the most part we will be playing. Isn't retirement great!

Blanca takes notes..

Today I sat and watched the road in front of my home be chipped sealed. I did not know what the process was, so i watched. I was fascinated. It took 3 very large trucks to do this work with the help of 3 men with shovels. The process actually began a few weeks ago. All the cracks and pot holes were filled in, mended so to speak. Yesterday the road was washed and blown dry with a street cleaner and today the actual sealing took place. One truck sprayed black gunk all over the road, behind it came another with the rock spreading it evenly all over the black stuff, next a vehicle with 8 wheels across the front and back rolled over the rock several times. The men with the shovels filled in spaces with rock that the trucks could not get to, small little nitches and Viola! a new road. Now the rocks will fly and windshields all over the neighborhood will get chipped.

I never paid any attention to these workers on the road. They are quite profecient. From start to finish this morning it only took 40 minutes to give the road it's new look. Modern machinery is amazing. I wonder how long it took to repair roads before these trucks were invented to do the work. The next time I have to wait for a work truck on a road job, I'll be more patient. These workers are in the heat all day reparing the roads to make it safe for us to travel. I'm grateful that we have nice smooth roads to drive on instead of dusty ol' rocky pot hole dirt roads that get all muddy and lined with ruts, YUK!

Friday, June 19, 2009

It is a wonderful heritage to have an honest father

"It doesn't matter who my father was;
it matters who I remember he was."
-anne sexton
Fathers are so special with a very special love
They watch and protect us
They guides us and direct us
Back to our home above.
"Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes." -Naylor

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charming visitors from Virginia


I believe these pictures are self explanatory. Kerri and Kaci came for a visit last week and it was so nice to see them in person again. Kerri we did enjoy your company. Sorry Kaci is so popular but you are still loved by your parents very much. There would not be a Kaci if there was not a Kerri. We love you Angel Child!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tinkerbell has given birth

Yum, yum yummy red bell peppers. Tinkerbell has done good! Tom-Tom however has not done so well. I had to buy a new tomato plant. Tom-Tom got sick. All we got was this teeny-tiny green tomato. But we will perservere. I will grow tomatoes this year!

Lunch with Granny

Granny made at trip to Bucky's casino with the Senior Center groupees this week. Two bus loads of old people, and I mean OLD people. Granny invited me to have lunch with her because Bucky's is in Prescott.
I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and it came with the most yummy fries. Thanks to Pat, (granny's friend) there was way too much food for her, so I had lunch covered for the next day. Each of the people on this excursion was given $10 on a debit card which they attached to the spring cord you see above so they wouldn't loose it. What a sight, dozens of seniors walking around with their cords hanging off their bodies. I couldn't find Granny at first, I was looking all over the place for a short dark haired lady, well Granny doesn't have dark hair anymore. We finally found each other. The food and the company were great. As soon as we finished eating, Granny escorted me to the front door and she went back to the casino to spend her $10.

Happy Father's Day?--- Addition to backyard habitat

PoPo's food
This is PoPo. The newest member of the family. This is Gary's
Father's Day gift, or at least what he asked you each owe dad $10.
We thought this would be a great way to sit outside among the trees and stars and roast marshmellows or wiennies this summer. I cleaned out the garage again and have gathered many boxes just waiting to be devoured .
Can't wait to eat smores, YUM YUM yummers

Monday, June 1, 2009

Favorite memories...

from left to right: garrett, verda, laura, lisa, destiny, kim, scott, skyler, dale, payton,
gary, yuri, ethan sierra and nate. (i do not know where kerri and krystal are, they are missing in action.)

Camping with the in-laws Labor Day 2004
I just finished reading Kim's post about camping. She is right, I do not care much for the camping thing, however, when she and nate were newlyweds the two families combined for a weekend in the pines. I have to say that was a great outing. Since the picture above was taken, Destiny and Dale have added 1 1/2 kids to their family, Kim and Nate have added 2 1/2 kids and Laura is now a mommie. My or my, where does the time go. I'm glad I have this memory now that everyone has moved away. I also remember wanting to wring Yuri's neck. He came into camp very late the first night honking his horn after all of us were snuggled in bed. That is something that has not changed, he still pulls tricks like that...we wanted to repay him the next morning but he was to smart for us. Some day Yuri, we will get you back! I have not forgotten....

"how delicious to savor a favorite memory from the past. It's like experiencing it all over again."


"How wonderful to have something to look forward to. Even the word 'anticipation' is fun to roll around in your mouth."
This is Jessica after losing a marker war with her Uncle Gary. She is always up for something new and is willing to give things a try. This week she will be promoting from 8th grade and begining her journey through high school. I can remember looking forward to high school with great anticipation and anxiety. What a wonderous time in our lives.

Jessica you will be making the most important decisions for your entire life within the next 4 years. Be prayerful and kind. These two things will be a help to you every single day if you practice them faithfully.

"Great things are not done by impulse,
but by a series of small things
brought together."
-Vincent Van Gogh

It's you I like...

This sassy woman has fallen in love. She and Bruce came for a visit last week and we have to agree that the two of them are a good pair. Good luck to the two of you as you proceed through your dating experiences. Krystal, we think you found a good one. Bruce, we KNOW you did!
I dedicate the following to the new couple...

"It's You I Like"
it's you i like
it's not the things you wear,
it's not the way you do your hair,
it's you i like.
the way you are right now,
the way down deep inside you,
not the things that hide you,
not your toys, they're just beside you.
but it' s you i like, every part of you.
your skin, your eyes, your feelings
whether old or new.
i hope that you'll remember
even when you're feeling blue
that it' s you i like,
it's you yourself, it' s you,
-Mr. Rogers