Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's snowing Yahoo!

To those of you who live in snow country, this doesn't mean much.  But for all of us here in North West Arizona it is welcomed.  Nice, very nice

Monday, December 27, 2010

a few holiday memories

This year we did something different.  We went to the Christmas parade downtown Prescott instead of the Courthouse Lighting.  The Prescott Resort hosts a gingerbread house display so we made a visit.  We are looking for new holiday traditions.  With all the girls living far, far away we have to find something to do.  Funny how we depend on the children to entertain us. Even our Christmas Eve celebration was different because Granny was in the hospital. We did make a visit to her room but if you know anything about our family being quiet is something we can do but not for long.  So The Listers, Gary, Garrett and I went to (of all places) McDonalds for dinner.  Then we went home with the Listers and spent christmas Morning with them and Aunt Karen, Uncle Chris, Dillon and Eva.  We stopped by to see Misty and her baby for literally 2 mintues and made our way back up the hill to have dinner with PAPA.   He fed us his beloved Speghetti with meat balls and sweet Italtian sausage.  YUMMMERS!  Papa now has his train set up in the family room and he utilized the many Christmas villages that have been in storage since Grandma Canell pased away to decorate the track.  Being out numbered by the guys, basketball and football dominated the remainder of the day. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blog Challenge #7 What role does color play in your everyday life?

"Red, and yellow, and pink and green, purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow tune....
Listen with your eyes and sing everything you see, I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing along with me."

Our family learned this song when Kerri attended Preschool.  It expresses how wonderful color is in our lives.  I must have color.  I like it everywhere.  Every wall would be a different color if it were not for my husband.  White walls are his choice.  It depends on the the time of the year which colors are my favorite.  I love red and green all the time, but of course Christmas makes them shine.  Crystal Blue and white in the winter.  Purple and Green are my favorites in the spring.  Red, White and Blue in the summer and Orange, brown, red and green in the fall.  For many years Blue was my absolute fav.  But as I have grown so has my appreciation for colors.
I'm one of those people who when given a basket full of handouts and asked to please "take one" I poke around to find a certain color.  Usually red, green or blue.  I'm drawn to book covers with these colors.  Clothing also.  Even food selection will at times be determined by the color.  Cake frosting, jello flavor, candy bar wrappers.  I usually will not address an envelope unless I add some dab of color, a sticker, a doodle, multi color words.  I never tire of a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  The sky is so pretty especially after a rain.  Nor do I ever tire of green trees.  Spring time is the best when blooms are everywhere.  I am so grateful for Color.

Blog Challenge #6 What is your conversion story?


I joined the church when I was 18.  My father was a member but was not active.  When he remarried my step-mother mentioned that she had read the Book of Mormon when the Home Teachers were visitng one evening.  From there the missionaries were invited to our home.  This was not an easy job for them.  My parents were not willing to give up their coffee and cigarettes.  My sister Marsha wanted to attend the Catholic church and I just basically ignored the whole thing.  It took a couple of years to get us to change our minds.  First the whole family took the lessons. No one got baptized.  Then some how the lessons were taught again and this time one of them made an impression on me.  So I started paying attention and from there I was hooked.   I began reading the Book of Mormon, the Young Adult group in the ward were very friendly and fellowshipped me and there was a guy that caught my eye.  I was baptized in March 1977. I was  sealed to my father and step-mother one year later.  Gary returned from his mission in '79, we dated off and on that year and were married in March 1980 in the Mesa Temple.  My father, step-mother and I were the only active members in my family.  Gary, his mother and step-father were the only active members in his family.   30 years later adding four of our own chldren, our membership in the church has grown. All three girls have married in the temple and our 5 grandchildren are born in the covenant with one more to arrive in May. 

If you would of asked me what I wanted to do with my life prior to my baptism it would not have included a husband and chldren.  I would not have dreamed it would have turned out the way it did.  I am so glad I made the decision to change my heart and mind and join the church. It has made all the difference.

Blog challenge #5 What is your favorite Adult christmas memory?


What's great about being an adult for Christmas is that you are in the drivers seat.  One year Gary and I had the thought that Christmas was getting a bit boring for our teenagers so we wanted to do something different for them.  We chose a treasure hunt.  The kids woke up to a big message giving them  instructions for their  morning.  Garrett was designated as the driver and the girls read the clues and navigated.  The clues were distributed all over the neighborhood.  Here were four teenagers drivng all over the place, jumping in and out of the car wearing matching sweats all trying to decypher the clues. It took them about an hour to play this game, but they had a blast.  Gary and I would hide in the dark and watch them at each location where they would go to find a clue.  Of course their gifts were at home all along, hanging in great big santa sacks off the clothesline in the back yard.  But it was great morning.  So much fun!  To this day they will each tell you that Christmas was one they will never forget.  We won't either.  We look forward to doing the same activity for our grandchildren when they are teenagers.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blog Journal Challenge #4

what is your favoirte Christmas movie and why?

I have many that I love to watch each year however the top three are in order

I have watched these three movies for as long as I can remember and I love them.  Of course, since the Home Alone movies came out they have to be watched as well.  I can not resist little Kevin and his antics with the bad guys.  But if I want Christmas spirit, it is these three.  The music and dancing in White Christmas is wonderful and the service that is performed for an old man that is respected and loved.   The conversion of the mother and daughter in Miracle on 34th street is so sweet and I am always encouraged by Mr. Scrooges desire to repent and change his life.  These are very special messages to me.If you haven't watched these old classics in a while, you should.  It warms the heart and your eye balls get a flushing out  as well.

Journal Jar Blog Challenge #3

What is your favoirtie holiday traditon?

  I look forward every year to all the lights.    When I was a  kid my dad would always take us out about the city looking for the bestest light displays.  He seemd to know just where to go.  One neighborhood was lit up every year.  We loved this eveing and would drive around for hours.  To this day i still look forward to seeing the homes in the neighborhood all lighted.  I remember when we were asked to conserve energy one year and so many families opted to not put up lights.  Christmas lights just haven't been the same since, however, I really appreciate the die hards.  The ones who make it a point to cover every inch of their yards with beautiful colors that illuminate the night.  This year Gary decided we need new lights so we purchased the new LEDs.  They are so pretty.  We are fortunate here in Prescott Valley to have the Valley of  Lights.  A beautiful drive through a park with multiple lighted displays.  We even drive through lighted tunnels.  It try to go as often as I can.  I always feel like a little kid sitting in the back seat of my fatther's car ooohing ang ahhing at all the pretty lights.  It's the best part of the season.