Saturday, February 27, 2010

Going to the Edge...

Our Bishop, Sergio Montes shared this message with us in Ward Conference. I think it teaches a very good lesson. I'm curious who you picture yourself as in this story. Gary identified with the parent. I thought of myself as the child. Let me know what ya think?


A wise dad was working on a project in the farmhouse with his son. A tool was needed to complete the task. The tool was out in the barn some 100 yards from the back door. It was late at night and very, very dark outside. The dad said, “Son, we just can’t complete our task if we don’t have that tool. It is out in the barn. I need you to go and fetch it for me.” “Sure, Dad,” came the enthusiastic reply from the anxious, eager to please young son. He skipped off to the back door. The dad heard the screen door open and slam shut. Almost immediately he heard the screen door open and slam shut again. The young son was at his father’s side. “Dad, it is dark out there. I mean it is really dark out there. I can’t see a thing.”

Obviously the boy was frightened by the dark and the task at hand seemed impossible. The wise father said, “Son, come with me to the back porch. I think I can help.” The door opened again and they both stepped out into the dark. The dad said, “Look, I’ll turn on the porch light. Look there. That’s better. How far can you see now, son?” “Wow, Dad, I can see all the way to the gate.” “That is wonderful, my boy. You run on out to the gate.”

The young boy ran out to the gate. When he was there he suddenly stopped. Looked around and said, “It sure is dark out here. I can’t see anything. I’m coming back, Dad.”

“No, No, Son, don’t do that. I can see you just fine. You are okay. Look out toward the barn. How far can you see?” “Wow, Dad, I can make out the big tree in the driveway. It sure is dark out here.”

“Well then, my boy, walk on out to the big tree.” “Okay, Dad. Boy it sure is dark out here. Dad, I’m at the big tree. It’s dark and I can’t see anything.”

“Well, how far can you see?” “I can see the watering trough. Wow, it is dark out here.” “Then walk to the watering trough.” “Okay, Dad.”

“I’m here, Dad. I am at the watering trough. It is so dark, I can’t see anything.” “Son, look toward the barn. What do you see?” “I can’t see it, Dad. I don’t like this. It’s dark and I am scared.” “Well, son, what can you see?” “I can see the water tower.” “Then walk to the water tower. You are doing fine.”

“Hey Dad, I am at the water tower. Hey dad, I can see the barn!!” The wise father heard the running of a little boy’s feet, he heard the barn door swing open and saw a light come on near the work bench. “I got the tool, Dad.” “That’s great, son. Turn out the light, secure the barn door and come on home.”

The young boy reluctantly turned out the barn light, went to the huge door, closed it, secured it, and turned to begin what he was sure would be a fearful journey back to the farmhouse. However, something was different. As he turned, towards home and faced the light, he could see the water tower, the watering trough, the big tree, the gate, and his Dad standing at the door. His dad’s light lighted the whole yard, yet it was still pitch dark outside. He tightened his grip on the tool and raced for home, past the tower, the trough, the tree, through the gate, up the steps, and into the outstretched arms of his waiting father.

Questions to ponder/discuss:

· Could the father have gone and got the tool himself? Why did he send his son?

· Could the son see the objective from the beginning? Were there intermediate steps along the way?

· Did the dad give reassurance along the way?

· When the boy finally saw his objective, what was he able to do on his own?

· Was it difficult for the boy to shut off the light in the barn? In his inexperience, could he have known that his trip back would be different from his walk into the dark?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Humanitarian Habitat

(this is one of the 'crazy' quilts)

On Wednesday's I spend my mornings at the stake center working with other members on the Stake Humanitarian Project.  Bro. & Sis. Nelson are the missionaries in charge.  What do we do?  Well, several different projects are on-going.  I have been made the "bootie" consultant.  The first day I attended Sis. Nelson handed me a bag full of fleece cut outs and said, here verda this is your baby.  So I played with all the pieces and figured out how to put together the most darling little booties for toddlers.  This is what I do.  Another person is in charge of the book bag assembly.  One other lady works on dolls with matching clothes and hair, and of course the beloved quilts.  I think there are usually about 10 people there each week.  Sometimes more, depending.  I have made new friends and these people are entertaining to say the least.  We listen to 60's CD's, eat donuts, bagels and bananas, and work, work work.  Every time a project is completed we stand in the front of the room and so off our work.  Everyone cheers and we go back to work. I usually complete about 10 pair of booties in a morning, the quilters always finish at least two full size quilts, and this week all the dollies got dresses and panties. Next week all the book bags should be completed ready to be filled.  It feels good to do these projects.  As Brother Nelson says each week when we are applauding the completion of another quilt..."If you were someone all bruised and sad and was given this quilt, it would make your day. You would feel loved."  I believe he is right. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tater and Me

Bestest Friends Tater and Verda

                                                   Don't I look cute in my little red sweater?

this is my new friend Tater. She is a Shet- shu (?) pickenses mix.  She lives next door with Barb. Each day when I go out the front door she waits for me to walk past her window and she greets me.  Other people would say she was just barking at me, I know better.  She's really saying, Hey there Verda, How ya doing today?  I go over to the window to talk to her and I'm sure the neighbors wonder what I am doing talking to a window, waving my arms and making kissing sounds.  I don't even care, I like it that someone is excited to see me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Beached whales or Phun with PhotoShop

We thought anyone who has time to read our blog should be entertained from time to time....LOL!
we've got to be the cutest whales you have ever seen:)

The adventures of two guys and a girl

Is it possible to have wait in line to use the bathroom at 2 a.m.? The answer is YES.  I'm awakened one night by what sounds like a waterfall.  It' Gary, he's in the bathroom taking care of business.  It's so loud it wakes me up.  Now I have the urge to go to the bathroom, (running water does that to me) and I try to ignore the feeling, the bed is so warm and I'm very comfortable.  But I keep hearing the water run, Gary has a bladder the size of a waterbed.  So I  pull myelf out of bed.  Just as I get to the door, here comes Garrett barreling out of his room headed for, Yep, the bathroom. He must react to running water the same as I do.  He gets to the bathroom ahead of me, sees his dad standing there and waits for his turn.  I realize I won't win this fight, so I go sit on the edge of my bed.  Gary returns to bed and goes right back to sleep.  Garrett also sounds like a waterfall, my bladder begins screaming and I ask myself, why do guys make so much noise when they pee?  And I start thinking about the whole process and I answer my own question . Garrett finally finishes returns to his room  and I get my turn. I have to put the seat down of course and finally, RELIEF!  Except now I am wide awake.  I try to go back to sleep but fail.  So I resort to rocking myself back to sleep in the recliner.  I get my blanket and neck pillow and start rocking.  This  usually works, 8 out of 10 times and I find myself drifting off to sleep.  I can hear Gary snoring like a chain saw and decided to sleep on the couch.  I get myself all comfy and off to dream land I go. Next thing I know, The televison is turned on.  Gary can't sleep and neither can Garrett, Garrett saw me sleeping on the couch so he gets on the computer in his room, when Gary gets up he sees me sleeping on the couch so he goes to use the computer which he finds Garrett using, so he has to come back to the living room.  The sound of the televison wakes me up.  I get up and mumble in a mean tone, "I'm going to get my own place so I can sleep at night!"  I go back to my bed, toss and turn, trying to  ignore the sound of the television becasue Gary is deaf and has to have the sound up so high it vibrates the walls and with some luck get back to sleep.  I wake the next day and it's 11:00.  Bummer! The whole morning is gone!   Gary's gone to work, and Garrett is sound asleep.  Because I slept in so late I probably won't be able to sleep tonight ARRRRGH here I go again.