Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's snowing Yahoo!

To those of you who live in snow country, this doesn't mean much.  But for all of us here in North West Arizona it is welcomed.  Nice, very nice

Monday, December 27, 2010

a few holiday memories

This year we did something different.  We went to the Christmas parade downtown Prescott instead of the Courthouse Lighting.  The Prescott Resort hosts a gingerbread house display so we made a visit.  We are looking for new holiday traditions.  With all the girls living far, far away we have to find something to do.  Funny how we depend on the children to entertain us. Even our Christmas Eve celebration was different because Granny was in the hospital. We did make a visit to her room but if you know anything about our family being quiet is something we can do but not for long.  So The Listers, Gary, Garrett and I went to (of all places) McDonalds for dinner.  Then we went home with the Listers and spent christmas Morning with them and Aunt Karen, Uncle Chris, Dillon and Eva.  We stopped by to see Misty and her baby for literally 2 mintues and made our way back up the hill to have dinner with PAPA.   He fed us his beloved Speghetti with meat balls and sweet Italtian sausage.  YUMMMERS!  Papa now has his train set up in the family room and he utilized the many Christmas villages that have been in storage since Grandma Canell pased away to decorate the track.  Being out numbered by the guys, basketball and football dominated the remainder of the day. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blog Challenge #7 What role does color play in your everyday life?

"Red, and yellow, and pink and green, purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow tune....
Listen with your eyes and sing everything you see, I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing along with me."

Our family learned this song when Kerri attended Preschool.  It expresses how wonderful color is in our lives.  I must have color.  I like it everywhere.  Every wall would be a different color if it were not for my husband.  White walls are his choice.  It depends on the the time of the year which colors are my favorite.  I love red and green all the time, but of course Christmas makes them shine.  Crystal Blue and white in the winter.  Purple and Green are my favorites in the spring.  Red, White and Blue in the summer and Orange, brown, red and green in the fall.  For many years Blue was my absolute fav.  But as I have grown so has my appreciation for colors.
I'm one of those people who when given a basket full of handouts and asked to please "take one" I poke around to find a certain color.  Usually red, green or blue.  I'm drawn to book covers with these colors.  Clothing also.  Even food selection will at times be determined by the color.  Cake frosting, jello flavor, candy bar wrappers.  I usually will not address an envelope unless I add some dab of color, a sticker, a doodle, multi color words.  I never tire of a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  The sky is so pretty especially after a rain.  Nor do I ever tire of green trees.  Spring time is the best when blooms are everywhere.  I am so grateful for Color.

Blog Challenge #6 What is your conversion story?


I joined the church when I was 18.  My father was a member but was not active.  When he remarried my step-mother mentioned that she had read the Book of Mormon when the Home Teachers were visitng one evening.  From there the missionaries were invited to our home.  This was not an easy job for them.  My parents were not willing to give up their coffee and cigarettes.  My sister Marsha wanted to attend the Catholic church and I just basically ignored the whole thing.  It took a couple of years to get us to change our minds.  First the whole family took the lessons. No one got baptized.  Then some how the lessons were taught again and this time one of them made an impression on me.  So I started paying attention and from there I was hooked.   I began reading the Book of Mormon, the Young Adult group in the ward were very friendly and fellowshipped me and there was a guy that caught my eye.  I was baptized in March 1977. I was  sealed to my father and step-mother one year later.  Gary returned from his mission in '79, we dated off and on that year and were married in March 1980 in the Mesa Temple.  My father, step-mother and I were the only active members in my family.  Gary, his mother and step-father were the only active members in his family.   30 years later adding four of our own chldren, our membership in the church has grown. All three girls have married in the temple and our 5 grandchildren are born in the covenant with one more to arrive in May. 

If you would of asked me what I wanted to do with my life prior to my baptism it would not have included a husband and chldren.  I would not have dreamed it would have turned out the way it did.  I am so glad I made the decision to change my heart and mind and join the church. It has made all the difference.

Blog challenge #5 What is your favorite Adult christmas memory?


What's great about being an adult for Christmas is that you are in the drivers seat.  One year Gary and I had the thought that Christmas was getting a bit boring for our teenagers so we wanted to do something different for them.  We chose a treasure hunt.  The kids woke up to a big message giving them  instructions for their  morning.  Garrett was designated as the driver and the girls read the clues and navigated.  The clues were distributed all over the neighborhood.  Here were four teenagers drivng all over the place, jumping in and out of the car wearing matching sweats all trying to decypher the clues. It took them about an hour to play this game, but they had a blast.  Gary and I would hide in the dark and watch them at each location where they would go to find a clue.  Of course their gifts were at home all along, hanging in great big santa sacks off the clothesline in the back yard.  But it was great morning.  So much fun!  To this day they will each tell you that Christmas was one they will never forget.  We won't either.  We look forward to doing the same activity for our grandchildren when they are teenagers.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blog Journal Challenge #4

what is your favoirte Christmas movie and why?

I have many that I love to watch each year however the top three are in order

I have watched these three movies for as long as I can remember and I love them.  Of course, since the Home Alone movies came out they have to be watched as well.  I can not resist little Kevin and his antics with the bad guys.  But if I want Christmas spirit, it is these three.  The music and dancing in White Christmas is wonderful and the service that is performed for an old man that is respected and loved.   The conversion of the mother and daughter in Miracle on 34th street is so sweet and I am always encouraged by Mr. Scrooges desire to repent and change his life.  These are very special messages to me.If you haven't watched these old classics in a while, you should.  It warms the heart and your eye balls get a flushing out  as well.

Journal Jar Blog Challenge #3

What is your favoirtie holiday traditon?

  I look forward every year to all the lights.    When I was a  kid my dad would always take us out about the city looking for the bestest light displays.  He seemd to know just where to go.  One neighborhood was lit up every year.  We loved this eveing and would drive around for hours.  To this day i still look forward to seeing the homes in the neighborhood all lighted.  I remember when we were asked to conserve energy one year and so many families opted to not put up lights.  Christmas lights just haven't been the same since, however, I really appreciate the die hards.  The ones who make it a point to cover every inch of their yards with beautiful colors that illuminate the night.  This year Gary decided we need new lights so we purchased the new LEDs.  They are so pretty.  We are fortunate here in Prescott Valley to have the Valley of  Lights.  A beautiful drive through a park with multiple lighted displays.  We even drive through lighted tunnels.  It try to go as often as I can.  I always feel like a little kid sitting in the back seat of my fatther's car ooohing ang ahhing at all the pretty lights.  It's the best part of the season.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Journal Jar Blog Challenge #2

This is an interesting question for me.  I do not have a favorite day.  Well, I look forward to Sunday but I wouldn't say it's my favorite.  I suppose what ever day I have something new or fun planned would be my favorite for that particular week, but hmmm, no, I do not have a favorite. I do have a favorite week song that we use to sing in preschool.  "There are seven days of the week, and I can name them all...Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday is the last day, and I can name them all." I am curious to read what  my fellow blog challenge buddies have to say.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Read By Ja Rule

A book I loved as a child.

My friend Jennifer Mendenhall invited me to participate with her in sharing memories as sort of a journal/blog project.  This is our first entry.  *Name a book you loved as a child and tell why.

A book that I will always remember my father reading to me is "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss.
This story has always stayed with me.  I love how the Grinch makes the transformation from Mr. Poophead to Mr. Lovekins. How he learns that Christmas means more than gifts bought at the store.   The characters are so endearing to me.  His little dog, Cindy Lou, all of Who Ville.  But it's the language that I enjoy.  If I see a book  written by Dr. Seuss I will pick it up and read it.  I don't care where I am, who I am with I will laugh out loud while reading the many stories Dr. Seuss so creatively made up about how we handle everyday life.  I get a kick out of the language this author made available to us. When I had the best job in the world, Library assistant in a grade school, the Head Librarian, Mrs. LaPlante would plan a Dr. Seuss Day and as staff we would all eat green eggs and ham for breakfast to kick off the celebration.  We would read Dr. Seuss books to all the classes. She and I would speak Dr. Seuss language all day long.  So much fun. It was great.
Some of my favorites are:
of course the Grinch comes first... "And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so?
It came without ribbons. It came without tags.  It came without packages, boxes or bags.
And he puzzled and puzzled 'til his puzzler was sore.  Than the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before.   What if Christmas, he thought doesn't come from a store.  What if Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more."

It's not Christmas for me if I haven't read this book or watched the t.v. program.  It's funny though.  I do not own this book, yet it is one of my favorite childhood memories.  I do not own the movie either.  Hmmm...that's curious.

Here are a few other quotes that I am remember from reading Dr. Seuss stories.
*"From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere." (one fish two fish red fish blue fish)

*"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

* "I said what I meant, and I meant what I said. An elephant's faithful one hundred percent!"
*"A person's a person no matter how small."(Horton Hears a Who)

*"You have brains in your head,  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.   You're on your own and you know what you know.  And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go." (Oh The places You'll Go)

*"I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam I am."
*" Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not!"
(The Lorax)

" Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.  Dr. Seuss

I could go on and on but I think you have the idea. 

Autumn is a second spring....

When I left for Alaska the trees were just beginning to change colors. "Autumn is a second spring, when every flower is a leaf."

When I got to Alaska all the trees were bare and the air was crisp and cold.  Winter had begun.

When I made a visit to the Anchorage Temple, every thing was covered in white.

Coming home to Prescott I expected to see all the trees in red.  Instead, I found bare, empty branches.  I completely missed Fall in Prescott Valley.  So sad, but the leaves on the bushes are still changing colors.  The air is cold and brisk and winter is on it's way. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The snow has arrived

We have snow!  And rain.  It alternates.  Yesterday Kerri suggested that we make a trip to the glacier.
As soon as we arrived to the area we wanted to hike it started raining.  It was a long drive to this spot, so we decided to brave the rain and make the hike anyways.  We got Forrest tucked into Kerri's coat, Kaci put on all her snow clothes and off we went up the trail.  I suggested to Kaci that we ask Heavenly Father to make it colder outside so it would snow instead of rain.  It's easier to walk in a light snow than the wet rain.  But instead he just made it stop raining.  Wow, that was a quick response to a request.  It was only  0.8 mile but when you are hiking in slush, carrying a little one and encouraging Kaci to keep going, it takes a bit longer than one would think.  We finally made it to the end of the trail and it was worth all we did to get there.  We touched the smooth cold sides of the glacier, splashed in the freezing cold water pooled up in the glacier wall and stood on the glacier to have our pictures taken.   I wanted to go inside the Ice Cave but as soon as I entered it I got swarmed by a ton of mosquitos.  There were hundreds of them all over the walls of the cave.  So I made a quick departure.   We were able to make the hike dry.  The rain stopped just long enough for us to make the hike and return to the car.  The clouds came down so low that it was like we were hiking right through them.  Because the clouds were so thick and close Kerri thought we better get back to the car as quick as we could so  we would not get caught in a down pour.  She said, We've been lucky so far, but we had better not push our luck."  It did sprinkle a little bit on our journey  back down the trail but we got to the car just in time.  Swoooosh  the rain came down in buckets and soon changed  to snow.

 This is a piece of the glacier that has floated up from the bottom of the lake which it is floating on that was carved by the glacier. The color of the water is the most stunning shade of blue.  The ice is blue also.  It is much prettier in person, the photo does not do it justice.There were  many chunks floating along the shoreline on this day.  Kerri said the last time they were here these chunks were not.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No Snow :(

Every day we hope to see that it snowed during the night.  Not yet. It did make an attempt this evening, there is a whisp of white on the street but I don't think that counts.  Brad checks the forecast for us every day, still nothing.  Supposedly it will snow tomorrow.  We will just have to wait and see.  I don't get to see the  Northern Lights either while I'm here.  The forecast is pretty poopie.  Oh well, I get to wake up to my sweet little grand children each day and that's better than snow and lights.  I'm having a wonderful visit.  It would be so nice if Gary and Garrett could be here also.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

trick or treating with a cow and horse/a lake of ice/Tinkerbell in snow boots

Kaci went trunk or treat with her friend Brenna.  It's hard to see, but Brenna is a cowgirl riding a horse. These two little girls are fun to watch when they are together.

This is Kaci's lake FROZEN.  So do you know what a rock sounds like when it hits frozen lake water?  Beearrinnnggg.  It is a most peculiar sound.  I expected a regular rock THUD.  but it has it's own unique sound.

This is what Tinkerbell looks like when she wears snow boots.

We were all sitting in front of the window watching the neighbors load the moving van when what do you think comes walking down the sidewalk--- a daddy moose!  By the time we got our cameras he was already across the street making his way through the elementary school playground.  We put on our boots and coats and went after him.  I guess children are not the only ones who play on the playground in Anchorage.  This animal was huge, his bottom is as tall as I am.  Kaci did her best to get him to slow down so we could get a better picture, but he didn't listen.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A moose is loose A man made of stone and PIZZA

Day one: The entire day was spent getting acquainted with Kaci and Forrest.  Yeah Yahoo!

Day Two went as follows:

Brad invited me to drive him to work, in the dark in a strange city, all by myself, so Kerri could use the car for the day.  Hmmm, I'm not much good at this kind of thing.  But he assured me that all would be well.  Amazingly enough I was able to make my way back to their apartment without getting lost.  WHEW.
When i returned Kerri took me on a tour of the City of Anchorage.  As we were traveling down the road named Northern Lights Kerri mentioned that she hoped that I would be able to see a moose and lo and behold just a  few minutes later we saw one...just taking a stroll on the coastal trail (a bike trail that follows along the road).  So we took a quick pix.  Kerri suggested she take a picture of me  with the moose standing across the street   Then he made his way across the street where we had parked and I got out of the car and got a bit closer to him.  Kaci wanted to follow him through the neighborhood where he chose to wander and we photographed him helping himself to a few crab apples on a tree in one of the homes' front yard.  You may or may not be able to see his itty bitty antlers.  He is just a little guy.

We visited the giant chocolate fountain, took a few photos of the area outside where there stood a giant rock man and had lunch at The Moose Tooth where we ate the most yummy apricot pizza with cream cheese, chicken, carrots, red peppers, cilantro and green onion.  And now it is beginning to snow.  It has been a great day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conference and costumes and witches, oh my!

This is conference weekend.   In my opinion Fall can officially begin.  I have spent my weekend preparing for Halloween.  I enjoy making costumes for my grandchildren.  I know the time is coming fast when Ma Verdi's costumes will no longer  be suitable, but for now they let me do this for them.  Why am I so obsessed with making costumes.? It's what I do.  I like the creating process.  When I was a child it was a time of happy memories for me with my little sisters. 

My Father  would give us cash so we could go to the Thrift Store to buy items for our Halloween costumes.  This was always so much fun.  We looked forward to it every year.  The three of us would create the most wonderful costumes and on Halloween night we would stratagize our route through the neighborhood considering where the best candy would be.  When we would get back to out house we immedicately dumped out our candy unto the living room floor and surveyed our treasures.  Of course we sorted out the candy we didn't care for and bartered with each other for candy we preferred.  Our Dad would always come in and try to sneak our favorites away from us, but we always kept our eye on him.  When all was accounted for we would let him come pick what he wanted. 

I always enjoyed Halloween.  I think it's because it was "our" holiday.  No expectations, just fun!
Planning, shopping, creating, trick or treating, sorting was something we could do all together and there were no disagreements.  It was just delightful, childs play, no strings attached.  I still look forward to planning and creating for this holiday.    Since I joined the church General Conference has become part of my Fall ritual.  I plan nothing for that weekend except watching conference, working on costumes for myself, my children, (when they were at home and before they got married) and now my grand children. 

Isn't it fun to dress up and pretend to be someone, or something.  I think so and I did what I could to encourage my children to do the same. When my children were in grade school we use to choose charactoers from their favorites books or movies.   I just like the fun stuff, not the scary, gory, yucky things so many other people display.  I like jack 'o lanterns with funny faces, cartoon type ghosts and witches.  Witches are my favorite.  Why?  Because they can look like just about anything.  I like the wild fashion sense, the hats, the shoes, the colors, the brooms, the black cats.  There's so much you can do with Witches.  Witches have homes, they cook, they decorate, they have pets and they are loyal to their sisters.  NO!  Ido not believe in Witches.  I just like to pretend for halloween.

So go out and enjoy the season.  I have already bought and eaten my first bag of candy corn which is my favorite fall treat.  Gary brought home halloween  oreo cookies, YUM,  and the halloween cookie cutters have been taken out of storage and will be put to use this year.  I found a very yummy recipe which I have practiced and am ready to make.  I'll be making cookies for my seminary students. 
The other teachers and I are planning 'A Morning with Ghosts ' (pioneer stories) for a fun day before the Halloween weekend.  I have made myself a new costume and can't wait to wear it.  We are all looking forward to performing for the students.

This is a little bit more than what I had intended on sharing, but I hope everyone enjoys the Fall season.  I know I will.  This year I will be spending my Halloween with Kaci and lil Forrest in Alaska.   I'm so excited!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I hope ya know I had a hard time...

It seems as though we are all having a "Hard Time."  My step mother is experiencing health problems, my brother-in-law is also,and my daughter in Hawaii has had a bad experience with misunderstandings that have put her family into a major down spin.  Until Saturday my other daughter was miserable waiting for her baby to come. He is now here and she is much happier.  I know things get hard to handle sometimes.  I am the first to start complaining, but isn't it great to live in a country where we have so much available to us.  I'm grateful that I am a Mormon.  I find a great deal of comfort in the knowledge that God lives and has provided a living Prophet to warn and guide us.  Thanks Heavenly Father for all you do for each of us.  We are truly grateful even if we are a bit grumpy during this time of testing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's okay to sit on the kitchen floor and CRY

I have a friend named Bobbie Mortensen. She is great listener. But she also gives good advice. Simple, and useful. One day she was telling me about the troubles one of her children were experiencing. I was a bit down at the time also so I was kind of in a funk. She recognized that I was not paying much attention and she asked. What's goin on with you? I just shrugged my shoulders...I think this was the time we were having to move out of the cute little house we were living in because the owner was no longer making the payments on the mortgage. I really enjoyed living in that spot. But we had no choice. Then there were other things, one right after the other. I was disguntled [but it turned out to be the best thing that happened to us]. Bobbie finally got me to fess up to what I was so sad about and these were her words of wisdom..."Verda, it's okay if you want to sit in the middle of the floor in your kitchen and have a good cry, if you need permissin, I will gladly give it to you but eventuallly you will have to get up and do the cooking!"

That statement made so much sense to me. I don't know why. I guess I was looking for permission to feel sorry for myself. So I did just that. I had a good cry, went through the motions of a "pity party' and when I felt satisfied that I had wept long enough I pulled myself together and went back to the work of everyday life. Taking Bobbie's suggestion I started cooking again. This was the best advice I have received in a very long time. So for any of you out there who are experiencing pain, frustration, Why Me?, I don't deserve this!, whatever else, you have permission to sit on the kitchen floor and have a good cry. Throw a tantrum, if need be...just remember, once that is out of the way, get back on your feet and get the cooking done. Take  it from someone who is now using this therapy at least twice a year....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Singing in the choir

A few weeks ago we sang the song "Jesus love is like a river" it has the sound and feel of an old "spiritual" as they use to call them. I have been humming this tune ever since. It is very comforting and gentle. I hope you will take the time to listen. the lyrics are by Oran Hatch, the music by Janice Kapp Perry

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i am calling you...

Elk season is here and Gary can't wait to get out in the wild and call to an Elk.   Uncle Jack got his elk last week.  Funny story,  he was sitting in a tree stand watching a water hole when up walks a nice 6x6,  He aims his bow and shoots, ooops, the arrow went to the left.  The bull is still standing there..shoots again, off to the left again.  this happened 5 times.  Gary said when Jack came back to camp he was not happy, apparently had a bit of a tantrum throwing arrows around.  The next day he remedied the stituation.  He was shooting with his left eye hence the reason for the arrows going left.  They put tape on his glasses and he was able to shoot straight and true.  That evening he finally got a kill.
Gary is excited to get out in the woods and do some hunting once again.  He will be hunting in the Willaims area this year,.  GOOD LUCK!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I have started a blog for my seminary class.  If anyone is interested in what I do every morning at
 6 a.m.  you can read about it on this site.
This way I can keep what Gary,  Garrett and I are doing separate from my daily going-ons with the kids at seminary.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My most recent HAPPY THOGUHT

Yesterday Gary surprised me with a Mini Cooper.  He brought one home from the car  lot.  I took it for a quick trip around the block.  Wish I could have driven it for a road trip. 
  It was fun to drive my dream car. 

Monday, August 30, 2010


Today in seminary we discussed John the Beloved and how he asked to remain on the earth.  We read in 3 N 28 the descriptions of a translated being.   One was how they will be changed  from mortality to immortality in the twinkling of an eye at the Savior's coming.  Then I told the class how my son-in-law Nate always boasts that he will "Twinkle!"    Jeremiah comments from the back of the room ( now this  is ironic because he is Mr. Sarcastic and for him to comment about Nate is funny to me)  does that mean he's a fairy?  If only Nate could be there for a rebuttal.  My eyes popped out of my head, I told him, oh no, if you  could see my son-in-law  a fairy would be the farthest thing from your mind.   Than in defense  Paul reminded us that  "the Rock" was a tooth fairy.  We all had a good laugh.  So Nate, I guess you can still twinkle.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winnie the Pooh Funny Exercises

The honeymoon is over!

Seminary has been great!  Well this is solely my own opinion.  The kids are great.   This is the third week of school and I have noticed  that sleep deprivation  is beginning to do its thing.  Also, I am now observing the "I'm Bored" body language.  Too bad, so sad!  I did entertain the class for the first two weeks to help them get over the shock of  early morning lessons.  But now it's time to get serious and for teenagers SERIOUS is as bad as a four letter word.  Next week they get two days off of seminary because of in-service for me and Labor Day for all of us.  I told Gary I don't think I'm into my teaching groove yet.  But I'm confident all will be well.  I need all the help I can get, so please, pray for me!

Exercise creates endorphins

Exercise creates endorphins
Endorphins make you happy
Happy people don't kill their husbands
They just don't!

-Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

I have never forgotten this statement in the movie, Legally Blonde.  It is so true.  Exercise does help in the happy department.  So I have decided to do more exercise.  I talked Gary into going for a bike ride this week.  There is a trail that runs along Willow Lake in Prescott.  So we gave it a whirl.  Even though I had to walk my bike up the steep hills ( I know Brad, I should use my gears, which is what Gary yelled at me every time I would stop to get off my bike) I really enjoyed the ride.  So I have started riding again. This is where you say, " Good for you!"  I have found a road in my neighborhood that has an itty bitty incline; most roads around here go way up and then way down, so I can ride with a bit of effort and still enjoy myself. I have also found that I do not do well on dirt paths with gravel.  I am afraid of wiping out and landing in a bush that is full of stickers.  I'm okay with the neighborhood roads for now.  Hopefully Gary and I can go on another adventure the next time he gets a day off.  It was so fun to spend the whole day with my honey.  It was a wonderful "day" date.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The spirit of adventure

Dear baby bears,

My son-in-law Nate commented that he has never seen "the spirit adventure" in me.  Hmmm.  That is so true.  I don't think I have ever shown that side of me since he married Kim.  I do play on the beach with the grand kids when I visit.  I went on a hike with everyone to the waterfall and swam out to the waterfall the first time we visited Hawaii,  camped overnight on the beach and I snorkled the last visit.   I guess I am a bit boring.  I use to have fun in my younger days.  I played volleyball, softball and ran track in Jr. High.  I was a cheerleader in highschool, but I also was on the archery team.  (I was lousy at archery, but I still did it.) and was the scorekeeper for the varsity baseball team.  Now that was adventure,  the only girl with all those boys!    I went camping and fishing with my dad as a child which meant hiking,  boating,  swimming in yucky lake water and had a motorcycle which I rode very often.  I'v e been water skiing and snow skiing.   I use to cliff jump, hike, dance,  play tennis and racketball  when I was a young adult.  Road trips were always on the agenda.   Gary and I went parasailing when we went to the Bahamas.   We've also been white water rafting.  Just this summer I went down slide rock.  I really can do things.  I've just really slown down these past 10 years.  Sorry Nate if I haven't been much fun.  I'll do much long as it doesn't involve my knees for long periods of time...they have deteriorated in the last 10 years, which is probably why I have slown down so much.    And I still will not go camping.  YUCK!  I did enough of that as a child.  I didn't like it then and I still have the same opinion today.

It's very nice to see my granchildren enjoying adventure.  All three of my sons-in-law enjoy the outdoors and sporting activities.  My girls have always been very active and it's fun to watch them have fun as families.  Jusst keep on keeping on and I'll do what I can to keep  up! 

                                                                                Mama Bear has spoken!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Blindfolded activities

This year in seminary we will be reading the Doctrine & Covenants.  The first activity I chose was to have the kids listen for a sound and follow it blindfolded.  This is not so hard to do when there is only one sound to listen for,  ( I taped two paint brushes together, tap, tap, tap)but when you interject other sounds some times similar ( such a two rocks, two medtal objects, tap, tap, tap)
 it becomes more difficult to stay in tune to the orignal sound.  This is a great activity to help us understand how much we need to be in  tune with the still, small voice of the Holdy Ghost.

Being that the D&C  was recorded so we could have the doctrines outliined for  us,  since  the world lost all the truth during the Great Apostasy,  I thought it would be fun to do various blindfolded  activities to help see how important these truths are to us today and how so many of us are actually walking around as though we are blindfolded from the Gospel truths taught to us by Jesus Chrsit.    If anyone has any fun ideas, pass them on to me pleasel  Below is a link to the Helen DeGeneres show, I will be using this activity next....

More Blindfolded People Falling Down! - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

More Blindfolded People Falling Down! - The Ellen DeGeneres Show 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New volunteer work

As usual on Wednesday I hang out with the Humanitarian group.  This week  the Missionary Couple (our fearless leaders) explained to us that for the time being we will not be sending the items we produced to the Mesa office to be distrubted.  We are still to continue making the items but they are to be shared with the local communities.    This is the direction the Church is going right now.  So we are to concentrate on helping other agencies in the area and encourage our members to vounteer  where they can.  One of the women in our group started an organization called "Birth Line".  They help pregnant teens.   She said they were in great need of volunteers right now.  So I asked, what do you need?   I have time to volunteer.   I prefer to come on Wednesday  so I can help after  I finish with Humanitarian because I wait for my husband to get off work.   She was so excited that I volunteered.  She said they really need someone to be in the office and the shift that needs to be covered right now is on  Wednesday, 1-4 p.m.  That so happens to be at the same time I wait for Gary .    Coincidence?  I don't think so.   I go for the first time next week for training.  I'm sure I will be sharing my experiences along the way.

People really do notice

Just a quick mention of the fact that people really do notice who you are.  Today there was a knock on the door and two stangers aasked if I could please contact someone to help give a blessing to their mother.    I said  SURE I'll call the Elders...  I did, they did what they always do, come to the rescue.  As these people  were leaving I asked,  how did you know I was LDS?  The lady said she lives  on the otherside of my duplex neighbor and has always seen the Elders coming to and from and so she knew right where to go when her brother (a high councilman from California) said thinking out lout, I need to give Mom a blessing I wonder where the closest Bishop is...She said for your church,?   Well those missionary boys are always going to my neighbors house, do you think she could help?  Well, there you have it.  Not a really big deal, but the white shirts a ties did it again.  Amazing how the Lord works.  I was grateful I could be of some help today.

"no act of kindness is ever  wasted."  Aesop          Thank goodness I feed the Elders every month.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

happy birthday alaska girl/our angel child

just a couple pictures of kerri as a little one.  isn't she a cutie. 
have a great day Kerri Berri

Senior Seminary

I have just met some of the coolest teenagers ever.  This year's seminary class is going to be  wonderful

Thursday, August 5, 2010

John Bytheway (interpretation)

Okay everyone, I am offically starting Seminary which means you will be subjected to all my corny attempts to entertain. Below is the first.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All dried up!

Today I was awakened by sneezing. Yes, my own sneezing.  While it was raining the past two weeks I did not have to be annoyed with Kleenex.  The daily ritual  has returned  now that the sun is out again.  Oh boo hoo, hoo.  All that stuff  that tickles my nose is flying around.  YUK!

Monday, August 2, 2010

rain, rain, it makes for a lovely day

In case you are wondering, I chose this background because around here for the past week this is what it has looked like.   It's Wonderful, Wonderful to me.  Monsoon season is great here in Prescott Valley.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mason Reef Howard is now 1 year old

Each year I try to put together a year book for my grand children.  This idea was presented to me by my own step-mother who actually kept a photo album for each of my children their entire life.  When they graduated from high school she would give them their life in an album.  Thanks mom for your example.  I have tried a different approach.  I choose a different format each year and send my grand babies a book of pictures of themselves for their own use.  It's fun for me and I hope they enjoy their gift.  As I sit making each book I always ask myself, "Why do I spend so much time on this project?"  The kids are really too little to appreciate them, maybe I should wait til they get a bit older.  My loving husband reminded me that how fun it is to spend a day (because it pretty much takes me a whole day to produce one of these books) just thinking about one particual grandchild.  And as usual when it comes to matters of a tender heart, he was right. 
Below are a few pictures of my youngest grandson, Mason Reef.  Happy Birthday little one, I really enjoyed spending a day just thinking about how special you are.

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