Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas with Garrett

Garrett is now the proud owner of a XBox and Kinect I have only played once but I can see why so many people enjoy this game system. It's FUN!  Now if I can only move a bit faster...
Gary got a camera that takes pictures of wildlife...motion activated. he can set it up and leave it for a few days and than go back and check out whether there is any wildlife action.  He thinks it's cool.

It was a great Christmas.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Counting down to Christmas

A few years ago I purchased a advent calendar garland from one of those fund raising brochures the children pass around in the grade school.  I had forgotten I had had it.  I opened a container in my decoration storage and viola, a garland with red velvet pockets with the numbers one through twenty four in gold on each.  I thought it would be fun to put a dollar bill in each one and hang it above the mirror in the bathroom for Garrett.  He goes to the store everyday to buy a soda for himself and I decided it would be a great daily gift for him.  Why the bathroom?  In years past I have always decorated each room in the house.  So this was a splash of Christmas spirit in the powder room.  Garrett did not even notice it for the first few days and we didn't point it out to him either.  We wanted to see how long it would be before he finally mentioned it. I generally decorate the day after Thanksgiving so this garland was hanging up for several days.  December 1st was approaching and still Garrett has not said anything.  FINALLY, one afternoon when I returned from work he says to me, "Mom, what is with the red pockets and the money?"  I said, "Oh my goodness Garrett that has been hanging there for almost a week, you are just now seeing it?  "No, he says, I've been wondering about it, but you guys haven't said anything so I thought I would ask.  Besides, he says, it hangs up above my head and I had to look up to see it.  Remember, I'm a shorty."