Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HEBNER HOTEL "A Habitat for a Happy Holiday"

Dear Holiday Guests,

The Hebner Hotel is up and running. Our first guests arrived last Wednesday. It has come to our attention that our fine establishment is attracting a rather unusual group. These people seem to be some what abnormal. Because this seems to be our fate and of course it is Christmas, we have decided to give these individuals a discounted rate. Last night we made a call to our future guests inquiring if they were of this same species, apparently most of them are which means we will have to cut their rate also. We apologize to all of you who do not fall into this category. To avoid any discrimination suits, all rates will be reduced for this holiday season. Regular rates will resume after the New Year. All we really want is for your holiday to be in a habitat that makes you happy .

If you have any questions regarding your stay with us please feel free to contact us. We have a happy bilingual (normal/abnormal) person on call 24/7 to help you.


The HEBNER HOTEL Management

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our First Snow

When Dad picked me up to go to the office christmas party this is what was waiting for us outside. The white stuff is always a pretty sight.

Music, cartoons and laugher

Granny sent me this very cute music video. I have to say it is worth your time to sit and watch. Go to this web site to view it...www.thecompassgroup.biz/merryxmas.swf

Christmas lights can't see me

The annual courthouse lighting in downtown Prescott was last weekend. Lili had to get up from a nap to get dressed to go see the pretty lights. As you can see from this picture, she was not at all interested in doing so. Once we got there Nate had yummy hot cocoa for all of us as we froze our bums and listened to the school children sing carols while the Christmas story was recited. Yuri treated all of us to some good chili that warmed our innereds.

December brings color and fun

We finally got some rain. It has been so dry here in Arizona. But two weekends in a row we have had lots of the wet stuff. Each day we get to marvel at a gorgeous rainbow that stretches out over the prarie. It's breath taking.

Lilian and Nate spent a day with grandmaw Verdi while Kim went to Phoenix to play. Lilian's Aunt Destiney gave her a gingerbread house kit and Lili was quite the home builder. She determined about half way through that once she put the candy on the house she couldn't put it her mouth. Need less to say, the house is not finished but Lili has a bag of very colorful decorations. Where was Baby Nate this whole time...sleeping. He was helping Santa get ready for Christmas and decided to take a rest.

Old people can learn new tricks

I learned today that I had my video camera set on sepia tone. DUH! I wondered why my videos were not in color. But it has been corrected and new videos will be one their way some time soon...as soon as I take one that is.