Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Autum Time, the leaves are falling down

As you can see the tree pictured in my last post has gone bare. Gary came home the other evening and said, "Well Fall is over, the leaves are just about all gone." I just giggled. I told him, sweetheart, Fall is has just begun. That's what happens this time of year, the leaves FALL!
Oh yeah, he says, that's probably why it's called Fall. There is a beautiful multi-colored blanket of leaves right outside the front door. Today I gathered them together and gave Woody a leaf bath. Then I threw Woody on the pile...ha, ha, ha Wood... Pile... I'm so funny!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The fall season is here and all around is beautiful color. I tried to photograph the full moon the other evening. It looked like the perfect Halloween Moon. The tree pictured here greets us with these pretty leaves every morning.

Scirpture Pictures

I have started something new. I have created a "Pondering the Scriptures" scrapbook. When I read my scriptures I jot down passages that jump out at me or that have special meaning to me that day and I combine it with a picture or embleshiment. This has become my activity on Sunday while Gary is at work and helps me to keep the Sabboth Day Holy. Here is just one of my entries starring my adorable grandchildren; Nate the younger and Silly Lili.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Silly LIli, Nate the Younger and Kaci Bear books

I am thankful I can clap my hands, can you do it?
from "I am thankful I can..."

Since my grand children have moved "Far, Far Away" I have decided to make books for them
featuring their family members here in Arizona. Currently there are three new books in publication. Here you can see a sampling of the pictures used for these projects. These books are part of a series I started last summer...'people I know'. I combine photos I have taken of scenery or objects with photos of cousins, grand parents, aunts and uncles so my grand children to see their family members often even though they are far away. I have a lot of fun making these books. The next three books will be coming out mid-November. So kids, keep a look out for the mail!

Brooke is looking for Tinker Bell, can you help her find her?

from "I can find it!

The three books are entitled. "I am thankful I can..", "I can find it!", and "How do we love you?"

This is my witches corner. It features my newly acquired hat for the season. If my grand children were here this is where they would have to go for time-out for being "witchy" or in mortal language, naughty. So little ones behaive or you will be banished to the Witches Corner.

The Halloween Gang is all here

It's time for Halloween. I always look forward to this time of the year. The air gets a lot cooler and I get to decorate with pumkins, ghosts and ghules. This year I will dress Woody the Bear on our front porch as a modern witch with a boutique hat, found at Walmart for a gonga deal!
The only goblins missing are my darling grand children. Halloween will not be the same without them. BOO HOO

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Just recently my three daughters have all made the comment, "Mom, I'm turning into you!" This statement was always said when they recounted a decision they made , an item they pulled together from odds and ends, or this one, finding a treasure next to a dumpster. So I made them a rare and functional Halloween Costume that they can cherish their whole lives.
A beautifully crafted apron, made from left over fabric of about 10 years, decorated with words of wisdom and sent with tender loving care. The wisdom I shared?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
I've become my mother
after all.

Gary and I wanted to buy poofy wigs for them to wear also then they could really look like me for Halloween, but those darn wigs are so costly. Wouldn't that be a hoot! I thought it was cute and was a great joke to pull on my girls, but when I went to the post office to mail them off, the lady at the register admired it and wanted one for herself. You never know what someone will like. I hope my girls get a chuckle when they see their aprons, I had so much fun making them.

Shopping with Gary at Walmart is the Pits!

It's Friday and we hit Walmart to do our bi-weekly grocery shopping. Why Walmart? Well, the store is suppose to price match the ads from the other stores. This use to be pretty convenient for us, just grab the ads and go to Walmart. But 'times they are a changin'. Now they are being extra picky on what they will or will not price match. So what's my problem? Well....
1. I actually made a shopping list this time and what is even more amazing, I remembered to bring it with me.
2. Gary is an 'up and down every single isle' shopper. I am not. However, this time I decided to use his method and remarkably enough I was able to find everything on my list (which is a feat in itself if you have even shopped Walmart, especiallly here in Prescott when the shelves seem to always be depleated!)
3. Gary goes to get in line, I run to pick up the last two items meet him at the register and what
do I find? He is arguing with the cashier about the ads and the items he has selected. Next,
you've got it, the argument with the manager. Memories of my mother arguing with the manager when we shopped with her as children came rushing into my mind. NOOOOO!. Stop it! I whisper to him. He refuses and the manager refuses to honor the price-match so what do you think happens next? Yep! Gary walks out of the store leaving behind all my groceries in the cart. BUMMER! I will never get that shopping experience back again.
4. The next day I go to make me a peanut butter and jam sandwich which I am so excited to eat because I found this absolutely yummmy looking apricot jam the night before and as I am looking through each cabinet for this jam it dawns on me that we don't have it because it was left in the cart at Walmart when Gary walked out!. Arrrrrggh. I did the same thing again this afternoon when I went to make my mashed red potatotes and sour was also in the cart.
5. Gary is not allowed to grocery shop at Walmart ever again. It is simply toooo traumatic for me.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Always be flexible

A man was not feeling well. He was experiencing dizziness and seeing white spots. After a visit to the doctor he was told that he had a rare disease and approximately 6 months to live. He immediately quit his job so he could spend quality time with his family and do some traveling. One day he purchased a sports car and as he was driving down the street he notices a well-known Men's clothing store and he decided to stop in and have a nice suite made for himself. As the tailor began measuring the man, pants, coat, shirt, he came to the neck and said, okay, 16 1/2 shirt. The man was upset and said, I do not wear a 16 1/2, I wear a 15. The tailor measured again, sure enough it said 16 1/2. The man said very sternly, you will make me a size 15. I have always worn a 15 and I'm not going to change now. The tailor said, Fine, but if you wear a size 15 shirt you will get dizzy and start to see white spots!

Magnolia Girls

Well it seems I had two requests to be a part of our new fantastic, super duper, club. Welcome ladies. You will not be sorry. I am currently lookin for a logo for our fun club. If you have any ideas just let me know. It should probably incorporate the magnolia some how. What does a Magnolia look like?