Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mason Reef Howard is now 1 year old

Each year I try to put together a year book for my grand children.  This idea was presented to me by my own step-mother who actually kept a photo album for each of my children their entire life.  When they graduated from high school she would give them their life in an album.  Thanks mom for your example.  I have tried a different approach.  I choose a different format each year and send my grand babies a book of pictures of themselves for their own use.  It's fun for me and I hope they enjoy their gift.  As I sit making each book I always ask myself, "Why do I spend so much time on this project?"  The kids are really too little to appreciate them, maybe I should wait til they get a bit older.  My loving husband reminded me that how fun it is to spend a day (because it pretty much takes me a whole day to produce one of these books) just thinking about one particual grandchild.  And as usual when it comes to matters of a tender heart, he was right. 
Below are a few pictures of my youngest grandson, Mason Reef.  Happy Birthday little one, I really enjoyed spending a day just thinking about how special you are.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Summer pictures

Krystal and  Bruce tied the knot.  Everyone came home for the special day.

4th of July fun!

Lili and Peyton enjoying a cold one...

Oh what do you do on the 4th of July
When everyone is here
Do you have a Bar B Que?
And drink root beer?
And watch the fireworks in the sky?
If that's what you do
So Do I!

Soon the Howard Family will be retuning to Hawaii.  The Calls will be on their way to their new home in Anchorage, Alaska.  It was so much fun to spend time with everyone.  How we will miss our children. 
 BOO-HOO-HOO!  But we still have Garrett. 
 So glad that they are all happy and doing well.  Until next summer!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun after the wedding

This is what happy children look like when they get to play together.
These four are actually waiting to see Aunt Krystal come out of the Temple.

The Howard family sharing a refeshing shaved ice after the 4thof July Parade downtown Prescott

Going for a relaxing boat ride on the lake behind the Lister's house.

Happy, wet and cold slide rock enthusiasts.
Slide rock is located in the Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona
At this time, we are the only people playing on the rock because a summer thunder storm hit just as we were arriving.  All the other visitors left the area and we braved the storm, huddeling against the red rocks to keep warm and protect the little ones from the drenching rain.  Once it stopped raining we had the slide all to ourselves.  It was great! 
Kerri is 6 months pregnant.  Her comment after being drenched by the cold mountain rain, "well, at least I'm not HOT anymore!"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pre-Wedding Activities

With the whole family together we were able to enjoy some fun activies.  Here are a few pictures of the time we spent together.

First.  we all go swimming.  Very refreshing!

G.G. with his grandchildlren.  Nate, Kaci & Lilian

Now we take a bath
Kaci. Lili, Mason & Nate

It's a big bath tub so  the big cousins are  invited.

We find our favorite seats and watch a movie til we get sleepy....

And we all go to bed.

The Circus is in town. 

 We all have dinner together. This restaurant was celebrating it's 30th annivesary and offered a special for $3.80! Beef Taco, tosada & cheese enchilada.  YUMMERS! 
The circus was Terrific!  This is Lili sitting with Uncle Garrett wearing a clown hat, glasses and big red nose.  Isn't she a cute little clown?

More pictures to come....keep checking for the latest on the Hebner Family Gathering.